Be Greater


I am brisa alfaro



I was a regular, hard working, 32 year old woman who loved life – when a rare and severe stroke that resulted in "locked-in syndrome" changed my life forever. This syndrome, that affects about 1% of people who survive strokes, typically leaves them in a vegetative state, for which there is no treatment or cure. It is extremely rare for patients to recover any significant motor functions, and about 90% die within four months of onset.

Afraid that this prognosis would discourage my family and friends to start giving up hope, I fought and did not succumb to the odds! I was determined to succeed and never gave up the will to keep on fighting. My total commitment to meet and defeat the challenges I faced, ultimately resulted in making a complete physical recovery, which astounded everyone, including my doctors.

I now take pride, as an inspirational speaker, in sharing the many life lessons that I learned along the way – for my story is of success against extreme odds and offers insight to those who find themselves struggling along any fierce physical or mental paths in their own lives.